Third Anniversary

For our anniversary on Tuesday, my partner and I decided against having one of our bank-breaking nights on the town, but we didn’t want to simply stay in and congratulate ourselves on being sensible. So we took a middle course and gave one another the gift of gin.

Now, this might seem like a warning sign to some people, so I’ll just quote Norm MacDonald’s response to being told that denial is the first sign of being alcoholic: “Yeah, but it’s also the first sign of not being an alcoholic.” The reason we felt justified in splurging on gin is because it’s our favorite spirit and certainly our most versatile. The gins we selected are radically different from one another, and produce completely different drinks. This supply should last us a few months, especially as the weather turns colder and gin and tonic season comes to its end.

Anyway, it made for a great day. Beefeater gin and tonics, dry Hendrick’s martinis, and some fantastic Age of Mythology comp-stoming over the LAN. Plus, we made these amazing biscotti late at night.

I’d never made biscotti before, but after discovering how easy and delicious they are to make at home, consider me a convert.

It’s also worth mentioning that a single biscotti is about 100 calories, which is a hell of a lot better than the mighty chocolate chip cookie.

This might have been our least ceremonious anniversary, but I think it may have been our nicest.

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