Another Key to the Kingdom

Earlier this year, when the TMA crew and I covered the Diplomacy expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire, I saw a lot of intriguing ideas that I wanted to explore further. So I spent the next couple months playing the game a lot more with MK and some friends, and trying to get a feel for the system. I promised I’d write more about it, and I finally have: it’s the subject of my latest GSW column.

My feelings about the expansion evolved as I spent more time with it. While my first reaction to the diplomacy system was unenthusiastic, I really missed it when a recurring bug forced me to play a lot of Sins: Entrenchment. Without really noticing, I’d become really dependent on my ability to communicate with other players and AIs via the game’s diplomatic options. When I could go back to playing Diplomacy, it was with a new appreciation for the language of favors and reprisals that Diplomacy opened up.

I think Diplomacy is a fascinating attempt to revitalize and deepen an established game, and so I devoted the latest installment of my GameSetWatch column, “Keys to the Kingdom”, to looking at the expansion’s purpose and effects on gameplay. Go take a look at it and let me know you think. Plus, I’d be really interested to hear what other people have made of the Diplomacy expansion, and how much my experience matches theirs.

If you feel like commenting on the piece, please do so over at GSW.

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