A Stack of Previews

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that I have a trio of previews up at GameShark right now, and there are actually a couple more on the way. This is the harvest from a press event I attended at the start of the month in San Francisco. These are also the first previews I’ve written, so again, constructive criticism welcome.

1C  games are hard to get a handle on, especially in the constraints of an overbooked presser. Interface and intuitive controls are not the hallmarks of the brand, so the demo experience is a lot of , “Okay, what the hell do I do now?”

However, you have to check out my Captain Blood preview. You may never heard of Captain Blood or maybe you just don’t care about it, but it was hands-down the most fun game to preview. I have no idea whether all the ridiculousness on display will add up to being a good game. But writing about it was surreal.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Death to Spies 3, which had kind of a neat Three Days of the Condor vibe going. You could be churlish and say it’s derivative, but who really cares if its derived from good predecessors?

Go take a look over at GameShark, and while you’re over there, take a gander at the terrifying tsunami of GameShark E3 coverage that’s hurtling toward you as we speak. And keep an eye on my Work page, as more stuff is going up soon.

Seriously, though. Read the Captain Blood preview.

  1. If there is a god, and that god is the sort of just and loving deity who directly intervenes in human affairs, then Captain Blood’s gameplay will be as fun to experience as it was to read about– and that gameplay will _never_ wear thin…

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