Straight into the Wall

At Tosci’s tonight, I overheard a guy say this to his date.

“I used to watch a lot of movies, but now I mostly listen to NPR.”

That brought my head right around. At a table by the wall, a bro-stereotype straight out of a Mountain Dew-Halo ad sat across from a cute, brown-haired girl who seemed to be saying little. A few minutes later:

“Oh, I guess you’re really liberal, huh? Ha-ha.” The girl was wearing a stony expression. An awkward moment. “My mom’s a Democrat.”

  1. Lol, what the eff? Did the girl say anything?

    • No, the guy was a pea-wit and a conversation-hog. She was soft-spoken, but she didn’t have many places to speak.

  2. D’oh!

    Who replaces movies with NPR? That’s like comparing apples to truck tires. Does not compute.

    • Nobody, but this guy thinks smart, interesting people do. It was endearingly lame, though possibly not to his date.

  3. In this guy’s defense, I both listen to NPR and watch movies at my computer. So for me, they’re substitution goods.

    This guy, though, sounds like he’s trying _way_ too hard…

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