Thank God, I Have Done My Duty

You may have heard something about me working on a review. The game was Making History 2, and the review just went up at GameShark.

This was a game I volunteered to review because I was interested in it, and I liked the guys making it. Had I known, going in, that I would dislike the game so much, I would never have volunteered for the assignment. With something like this, you go into it hoping you’ll have something to champion. Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that something you wanted to like will turn out to be a huge disappointment.

    • Spades
    • August 11th, 2010 11:45pm

    August 11, 2010

    Gamer Rob Zacny, on the afternoon of August 11th showed uncommon valor when he reviewed Making History 2 (if there even was a first one). After wasting hours and hours of playing such an awful game, he could’ve just given up and not have bothered with the game anymore. He could’ve easy type up a fake review and be done with it altogether. However he showed perserverance and continued to charge up the monstorous and grotesque beach that was Making History 2. He finally completed it at an unspecified time and in the process of completing it, destroyed two coffee mugs and a lamp in celebration at having almost completed the campaign. He will never be forgotten.

    In all seriousness though the game looked REALLY bland and I’m not even used to playing RTS games!

      • Flitcraft
      • August 12th, 2010 12:30am

      I am cracking up over this!

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