The F1 2010 Review

After at least 50 hours of play and 1.5 seasons across PC and 360, my review of F1 2010 is complete and ready for your perusal at GameShark.

There is just one thing I’ll add for now, and that is a wish for the future of this series. Right now you are kind of chucked into the deep end of open-wheel racing. By having your career start with a low-ranking team, the game is actually more difficult than it would be if you started with a good team. Bad cars are much harder to handle and taxing to drive than good ones.

I would consider adding F1′s feeder series, GP2 (I know there are others but GP2 is probably the best fit) and having careers start there. The cars are more manageable and the field is more closely grouped, so it would be easier to know if you’re struggling with the track. With my crummy Lotus, I’m not always sure whether I’m struggling because I’m attacking the track wrong, driving the car wrong, or setting up the car wrong.

Plus, racing in GP2 has a reputation for being a little more wheel-to-wheel, which F1 really isn’t. To their credit, Codemasters didn’t sugarcoat F1 too much. Overtaking is easier than in real life, it is true, but the intervals between cars are still pretty daunting. So while you can pass another car, catching it might be out of the question.

Anyway, go my review covers just about everything you might want to know about F1. So go read it.

  1. Some of the issues you mention at the end (damage modeling, for instance) seem more like next steps in the series, rather than defects of this particular game. Do you think that you’re looking at an uncanny valley effect?

    A similar question: if you could simulate everything about the sport in in a reasonable and realistic way, would the player get overwhelmed with details? Would you be able to do a racing version of Victoria 2?

      • Flitcraft
      • October 14th, 2010 7:41pm

      Codemasters have said that some things were just not possible with this game’s production schedule, and damage modeling was one of the things they couldn’t address. And you’re right, they’ve also said it’s something they hope to improve in future titles. But that only makes the lapse understandable, not entirely acceptable. If a baseball game came out right now and didn’t model pitcher fatigue, that’d be a major, major problem. You could get over it, but it’s not something you’d ever stop noticing.

      Can you be overwhelmed with details in a racing game? Yes, certainly. Particularly where car setup is concerned. Most of the important setup options are available in F1 2010, but you can get ridiculously granular with setup options. But a lot of stuff can and should be modeled that you don’t really have to deal with, just be aware of. Engines and parts can wear out and be destroyed, but all a driver needs to know is not to be too hard on those parts. Abusing your brakes? Well, you can wear them out. Over-revving the engine a lot? It might blow. It’s all stuff where the answer is: be a better driver. But it’s not like Vicki 2, where you have to go and fiddle with everything that’s in the model.

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