Well, I’m Back

Weekend gaming was a huge success. It’s always good to come back from a game break knowing how to play four of five new games, all of them ranging from good to excellent. Oddly enough, this time it was the lighter games that really caught my attention. No Thanks!, a quick card-passing game, and Abandon Ship!, a Knizia joint where players try to guide a pack of multicolored rats off a sinking luxury liner without betraying which colors they are backing. We played some heartier fare that was quite good, but I think I was just in the mood to kick back with a beer and play a counting game.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a trip to Rabbit’s warren without some reflection. I wrote about some of the things I’m working out over on Gamers With Jobs.

Reading that you might ask what I’ve got on my mind, what I intend to be pursuing next. I guess there are three things that have been bugging me on and off for the last few months. The first is whether my work adds up something to greater than individual reviews and features. Am I accomplishing something beyond meeting my deadlines?

The second is my general ignorance, particularly about matters spiritual and religious. My concern here is not that I am an agnostic and I view that is a problem. It is that I am an agnostic without having given the matter much thought. I think I would rather begin working out the puzzle of existence and the soul right now, when I am in good health and have the future before me, than later when those answers become of immediate existential import.

The third is my own health and physical well-being. A few days in the country and I am invigorated and in the throes of wanderlust. I come back to the city, and I’m back to my sluggish, sedentary self. Yet I’m discontent with that. I’m out of shape, yes, but not as much I as believe myself to be. Wandering the hills, I am surprised by how fast I get used to the steeper trails and the broken ground. I’m young enough that I could, if I made the effort, get in shape enough to enjoy the sports and activities I used to, or have always promised to try.

In a word, I know I will, one day soon, no longer be a young man. And shortly after that, I will be middle-aged. I would like to enter that phase of my life in good mental, emotional, and physical health. But I sense that the best way to guarantee that is to put these late 20′s turning early 30′s to good use.

    • GaryKearney
    • May 4th, 2011 11:03pm

    Speaking as someone in his 50′s I think there is a lot to be said for the old Roman saying about a sound mind in a sound body. Yoo’ll find that as you get older, little strains and pains tend to accumulate. The best way to deal with that and the gradual dimunition of the old animal spirits is to keep exercising, be careful what you eat(and drink!) and get lots of sleep. That’s the truth in the truism. It’s also a lot easier to stay fit than to get back to being fit and the latter gets harder as you get older.

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