Happy? Hour – May 13

As if readying for the arrival of a vast and distant hurricane, I have been fortifying myself for the impending loss of my car and girlfriend. Yes, my life is one dead dog or jail bid away from being a bad country song as of tomorrow, when MK takes off for a summer internship. By midday Saturday, I expect I will be adjusting to a strange, old way of life.

The last time this happened I put on twenty or so pounds that I still, sadly, carry. With no one to cook for, and nobody to serve as a check on my limitless appetite for pizza and hard liquor (like a vagrant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, I am), it was not long before I found myself drinking a grenadine, orange juice, and vodka clusterfuck at six in the morning on the stoop of my apartment after playing Take Command: 2nd Manassass all night.

Hopefully this summer will not see similar dissolution. To keep myself in the proper frame of mind, I will watch costume dramas and begin every day with the question, “What would Mr. Darcy do?” Then I will remember that I’m a sodding freelancer, and that his excellent itinerary of riding, fencing, and managing his vast holdings does not give me much guidance as to how I should spend my day.

To start this summer with the right foot forward, I will hopefully be playing some multiplayer Portal 2 shortly after MK leaves. Then I will move on to Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, and play around with some serious time-sinks in the Elemental, Civ V, and Victoria II vein.

For those of you who need something worthy to do with your weekend, may I direct your attention to this piece on strife and mutual distaste within nerd culture. Oh, and Quintin Smith and I deconstructed tower defense games over on Three Moves Ahead this week.

Now, to go make sure the bar is fully stocked and my “Christ, I’m So Alone” playlist is fully up to date.

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