Go Bid the Soldiers Shoot

We finally retired my Falcon Northwest 2008 Fragbox due to a slowly failing motherboard. My pal Drew drew up some new specs that could recycled the parts that still worked, and I am now once again on a high-end gaming rig. But it was still a bittersweet moment as we retired the old machine, and I was moved to say a few words.

Moments later I sang “Danny Boy” and read some Yeats over the Jameson-soaked case. In memoriam:

The Fragbox FalconWumpus was activated on October 31st after its predecessor Broken Piece of Shit Fragbox failed after two weeks. The first game I played on it was SWAT 4. It was paid for with money from The Escapist and my blind faith that I could get enough work as a freelancer to justify the expense. Through its efforts and stability, running for almost four years with only two or three isolated blue-screens, I was able to focus on writing and gaming. Though gaming slowly left it behind, it never delivered less than adequate performance. It enjoyed a brief renaissance this last year after PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Logan Decker helped with a major upgrade. Our love was renewed over maxed-out Crysis, but it was not to last. It spent its final days playing Max Payne 3 and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, and watching StarCraft 2 streams with its family.

It is survived by a GeForce 560 card, a 750W power supply, two hard drives, a Falcon Northwest coffee mug and its freelance writer. It will be a missed.

    • Destrin
    • June 28th, 2012 8:53am

    ‘Til all are one.

    • Dermott Banana
    • October 10th, 2012 6:23am

    Rob, you mentioned machines having souls. Have you had a chance to read Jeremy Clarkson’s book ‘So You’ve got Soul’? Highly recommended – he writes about all those machines whose design is so perfect, it’s like they have souls – the Spitfire, the Space Shuttle, the Millenium Falcon etc.
    Just thought I’d throw that in as a tangent. I’m a fan of 3MA, and have just spent the last fortnight catching up on all the 2012 eps while commuting 3 hrs each way on my daily train commute.

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