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"Dark Forces" Is How I'd Describe Them

This week’s issue of The Escapist is one of the best I’ve seen. I’m really proud of my article, but I also love the Christmas stories that my fellow contributors shared. Jim Rossignol reminded me of both why I need to get around to playing EVE, and the ways that online worlds sometimes bring you face-to-face with the real one. Mark Brown shared a really touching story about a gift he created for his parents through Little Big Planet, and John Szczepaniak wrote a good memoir of Christmas in Johannesburg. Also, spare a moment to appreciate the art for each of these articles, because the art team really knocked this issue out of the park.

My own article is about an incident that happened when I read a review of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and then realized that our computer had finally, definitively become obsolete. It’s a story I remember really clearly, and which has therefore seemed a little more important over the years.

Ironically, this was the second time Dark Forces brought misery into my life. A few Christmases earlier, I’d received the first game (which I still feel was probably underrated), and for some inexplicable reason it didn’t work. Our computer easily satisfied all the hardware requirements, but the game just would not load after running the executable.

My parents didn’t know how to fix the problem, or even what the problem was, and so the game went on the shelf. Meanwhile, my cousins were playing the hell out of it and telling me how great it was. Finally, sometime in February, my parents took pity on me and took the computer into the local mom and pop shop. To get this $50 game working cost them a new stick of RAM and a new CD drive. It probably amounted to a couple hundred dollars.

I still have both the games sitting on my bookshelf, testaments to the joy and misery that was mid-90s PC gaming. Speaking of which, you should go read my article.