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Happy Hour – August 5

Monday morning I will be 28 years old, and undeniably in my late 20s. I’m always a bit troubled by how quickly time is passing, and how much I wanted, and still want, from life. At the same time, things are going great and I’m feeling far more optimistic about the future than I was a year ago.

So what will I do with these waning days of my mid-20s? I will let them wane as all the others did, with videogames, cooking, and books.  I’ve been loving A Game of Thrones the last couple days, even if it is torture watching tragically flawed characters walking around with targets painted on their backs.

But I like, and even draw comfort from, the way one of the book’s themes is that misfortuneis inevitable, and the heroes are those who confront that head-on. I do not mean that they overcome adversity. That’s often another false hope, another lie we tell ourself. I mean that they accept that the fates are cruel, and so characters like Tyrion or Ned Stark aim for something that cannot be taken by force or fate: self-mastery.

Whether this really serves those around you, or whether it is in some way a selfish indulgence, is another question.

Outside of that, I will be playing some EYE: Divine Cybermancy for review, and at some point I must sneak in a viewing of Life with Father. Aside from that, I’ll be trying to get my Lotus to stop flying off the track at Silverstone in F1 2010, and perhaps destroying some cars in Burnout: Paradise when F1 gets frustrating.

The F1 2010 Review

After at least 50 hours of play and 1.5 seasons across PC and 360, my review of F1 2010 is complete and ready for your perusal at GameShark.

There is just one thing I’ll add for now, and that is a wish for the future of this series. Right now you are kind of chucked into the deep end of open-wheel racing. By having your career start with a low-ranking team, the game is actually more difficult than it would be if you started with a good team. Bad cars are much harder to handle and taxing to drive than good ones.

I would consider adding F1′s feeder series, GP2 (I know there are others but GP2 is probably the best fit) and having careers start there. The cars are more manageable and the field is more closely grouped, so it would be easier to know if you’re struggling with the track. With my crummy Lotus, I’m not always sure whether I’m struggling because I’m attacking the track wrong, driving the car wrong, or setting up the car wrong.

Plus, racing in GP2 has a reputation for being a little more wheel-to-wheel, which F1 really isn’t. To their credit, Codemasters didn’t sugarcoat F1 too much. Overtaking is easier than in real life, it is true, but the intervals between cars are still pretty daunting. So while you can pass another car, catching it might be out of the question.

Anyway, go my review covers just about everything you might want to know about F1. So go read it.

Closing out F1 2010

I spent my entire day doing Grands Prix in the 360 version of F1 2010 so that I can wrap up my review this week. I’ve had a good handle on the strengths and weaknesses of the PC version, but I’m glad I took some time with the 360 version. I definitely needed to explore the easier difficulty levels and there are some definite buyer beware issues when you try to play this with a gamepad.

I’ll explain more in the review, but the bottom line is that I don’t think the higher difficult levels are even usable with a gamepad. When 75 percent throttle takes you through a corner at high speed, and 80 percent sends you into the wall, you really don’t want to be relying on the trigger buttons.

But there’s no getting around how gruesome this game, or any game, can become when you’ve got to start powering through it to hit a deadline, or to test some game elements that have seemed problematic. When I took this review, my goal was to bring it up to the same standard as Bill Abner’s sports game reviews, and now I realize how much effort that requires. Especially because, unlike an EA Sports game, a racing game doesn’t let you simply sim a racing season while you check the stats against reality. You want to see how a season plays out in F1? You drive.

But it’s worth it to me. There aren’t a lot of legit racing sim reviewers who can approach these games from a perspective that’s useful to the people most interested in them, and I feel like this is one game where I can provide a uniquely strong and informed perspective.

Still, I’ll be glad when I’m finished. I hear engines and gearboxes all the time now, and the room seemed to be spinning for like a half hour after Monaco. Man, fuck Monaco.