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LEGO Universe FR

I’m doing another set of Field Reports for GamePro, this time on Netdevil’s LEGO Universe, an MMO built around the trappings of LEGO videogames.

I won’t deny this is a tricky assignment for me. MMO’s are notoriously hard to review, because the experience can change quite substantially as you put more time into them, and people have very different interactions with the community. Add to that the fact I’m considerably older than the kids LEGO Universe is aimed at, and you’ve got a challenging assignment.

LEGO Wizard sighting

This wizard gave me a quest to build a sprinkler. Epic loot, FTW!

That said, LEGO Universe didn’t impress me in my first week with it. I didn’t spend all that much time with it, but it didn’t really make me want to spend more. At one point, I was doing a quest to smash statues (oh, there’s some smashing in this game) and realized that my index finger was starting to hurt from all the clicking I was doing. No lie, the quest was about 20 minutes of furious, insane clicking, to the point it caused physical discomfort.

I should be back in several weeks with another FR from LEGO Universe. One thing I definitely need to spend a lot more time with is the building. I only fiddled with it a bit and didn’t much care for it, but I don’t know yet if that’s because I just haven’t mastered the interface. We’ll see, I guess. Plus, I need to close out some of the zones and see if anything new or exciting shakes loose, and play some more minigames. Basically, FR 2 will be me approaching LEGO Universe from another angle.

In the meantime, go have a gander at my first piece on LEGO Universe.