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Heir to the Throne Sale

I don’t normally post about particular sales, but this seems topical. EU3: Heir to the Throne is on sale for $10 at GamersGate. For what it ads to the game, this is a pretty great price. Since EU3 Complete itself goes on sale fairly often (Direct2Drive was selling it for $7.50 only last week), you can count on getting the whole package for less than $25. This is one of the all-time great bargains in strategy gaming, and it’s worth taking a chance on even if you’re unconvinced by the various love-letters I’ve written to Paradox lately.

Still Engrossed

Looking through the contents of this blog’s slender archive, Europa Universalis III seems to come up more often than any other game. If you click on the tag to the left of this post, you’ll find a bunch of posts on it that are of admittedly varying quality and interest.

I mention this because it has become undeniable that EU3 has absorbed me more completely than any strategy game since Civilization IV. In the past couple weeks I’ve been working on another EU3-related project and wound up sucked into a playthrough of the grand campaign. I only wanted to verify a few things to myself before I wrote about them, but the moment I started time moving and received a mission to start annexing French vassals, I was hooked.

Yet despite my obvious affection for EU3, I’ve always been rather qualified with my praise. This is an acquired taste. The learning curve is steep. The interface is opaque. It’s a game for people who like history.

All of that might be true, but I just don’t care, and I don’t think you should either. So what if the game is tricky to learn? I’m still learning it, but I started having a blast with it after only a few hours of play. Scores of hours later, and I’m having even more fun. I go from cheering to wailing and back again in the space of only a few minutes. I will be just about to quit for the evening when some backstabbing sonofabitch declares war on me and rolls into my territory with 30,000 men. Am I supposed to go to sleep after something like that happens? No. I drop what I’m doing until I hammer out a peace settlement. Preferably one that ends in his abject humiliation.

I’m about to go to bed, and there should be a lot of important things on my mind. But really, tonight I’m more preoccupied with whether or not I should embrace the Counter-Reformation and start trying to quash Protestantism, or whether I should get behind the Protestants and sever my ties with the Vatican. And what should I do about the Reformed church?

On top of everything else, the Heir to the Throne expansion is just a huge win for the team at Paradox. I am so very glad they did not leave off their work with In Nomine, because Heir to the Throne just makes the entire game system more comprehensible and interesting. It takes me just a moment to check whether or not I have a plausible casus belli against another country, and how my country would react to a new war. Peace negotiations make crystal clear how much I will be feared, loved, and hated for imposing a harsher settlement on a vanquished enemy. Sometimes, even though I know it will make me a pariah, I just pile on the penalties against a country that had the audacity to make me fight a war. As my man Tiberius said: “Let them hate so long as they fear.”

So if you come to the end of this month and find some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, or if you someday see EU3 Complete on sale, I suggest you grab it along with the Heir to the Throne expansion. It might not be for everyone. Few games worth playing are. But if it turns out that you’re the kind of person who likes EU3 (and you won’t know for sure until you’ve put a few hours into the game), then you will find this is a game that fires the imagination like few others.

One Move Behind – EU3: Heir to the Throne Edition

Troy Goodfellow asked me to fill the third seat on the Three Moves Ahead podcast over the weekend, so I spent a few days furiously playing the latest expansion in order to get a feel for some of the subtle yet significant changes Paradox has made to their flagship strategy game.

I have to admit I was really apprehensive about Heir to the Throne because it seemed like a solution in search of a problem, or perhaps a glorified patch. EU3 was not a game that I felt needed significant improvement or changes, and I was a bit put out that I’d bought the “Complete” edition only to have it rendered incomplete a few months later.

By and large, I think the expansion is a significant improvement over the Edition Formerly Known as Complete. Troy and Tom both felt that the casus belli system was good except for how much easier it made prosecuting wars. Now it’s very easy to start wars without suffering the instability that usually follows a war declaration. I don’t really agree with them, but I’m afraid that might be because they understand and game EU3′s rules much more effectively than I do.

One exploit I wanted to mention on the podcast, but it slipped my mind: the AI seems not to request military access to neutral countries (who are usually very willing to grant it). This wouldn’t be such a major issue except that it makes it very easy for the player to fight wars from the safety of neutral territory while the enemy is hemmed within its national borders. As England I fought both Burgundy and France using neutral kingdoms as the jumping-off points for my attacks. Even though I was clearly using Brittany and Aragon to maneuver against France, France never did anything about it. Makes it a little too easy to kite the AI.

The other thing I noticed as we were talking about EU3 is that it’s a dangerous game to start talking about, because you could very easily never stop. Frankly, I would love to do an entire show just talking about the way EU3 models diplomacy and international relations, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game do a better job. There are so many things going on inside EU3 (especially with this expansion), and all the various components interact in such interesting ways, that there are endless nuances you could spend time dissecting. Plus, every game produces a host of, “This one time…” anecdotes.

Final caveats: my sound quality is a little dodgy on this episode, possibly because I couldn’t record in my office and had to use a laptop. So I may sound a bit like I’m podcasting from aboard the Nautilus. However, I also started coming down with a cold during the show, so if I sound a bit crummy, that probably why. As you listen to this show, you are listening to my health fail in real time.

Also, we all mostly recommended this expansion, but take Tom’s recommendation with a grain of salt. I think he may have been recommending In Nomine when he thought he was recommending Heir to the Throne.