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Happy Hour – April 22

Having just submitted my last bit of work for the week, I turn my thoughts to how I will be spending this rare bachelor weekend. Certainly I will start it right by paying a visit to my friend J.P. Grant of Infinite Lag. There will be board gaming, but I think we’ll keep it light tonight. Some Pandemic and Formula D should do nicely. Perhaps some Weinhandler too?

There is some work I have to do this weekend. Duty compels me to play Revolution Under Siege, a wargame about the Bolshevik revolution and Russian Civil War. It’s a nifty setting, but I wonder if I’m tired of the AGEOD system. I hope not: Pride of Nations is coming soon.

To occupy my empty days, I may do a GP weekend in F1 2010, and spend the lonely nights with F.E.A.R. I also hope to get in some late-night strategy gaming with the likes of Company of Heroes or Men of War, but that depends on having friends who will stay up with me.

Man, I really need to stop indulging my passion for gaming antiquity. My stack is a mile high, and I’m playing a six year-old FPS.

Update: Oh, fuck it. Portal 2 can come, too.