I’m a freelance writer and the host of the Three Moves Ahead podcast. This surely means that I have one of the world’s great jobs, but also one of its least lucrative. What it lacks in wealth, however, it makes up for in slight Internet notoriety and the freedom to go enjoy cafes, movies, and museums in the middle of the day. At times, it’s almost indistinguishable from being unemployed.

Speaking of employment, I got my start with The Escapist in 2008 and was a regular contributor there for a number of years thanks to a fantastic group of editors. Since then I’ve had a strategy column in PC Gamer and now GameSpy, and write reviews and features for outlets like Rock, Paper, Shotgun and the way-too-cool Australian PC gaming magazine PC PowerPlay, among others.

You can also listen to me talk strategy games on the Three Moves Ahead podcast every week. It’s a show started by my friend and former-freelancer Troy Goodfellow, and regularly features the wit and talent of Dr. Bruce Geryk and Julian Murdoch. We’ve also been lucky enough to have some fantastically talented writer and game designers come on the show. Sometimes, you can also hear me hanging out with the Gamers With Jobs crew, and outlet where I occasionally also write cool things. Mostly I just get drunk on their podcast, though.

So with all this other stuff going on in my life, what do I do with this blog? Not a lot, I’m afraid, or not as much as I might wish. I could tell you the ambitions I have for it, and the original conception I had for how this would tie into my other work, but that’s mostly aspirational and moot at this point. What I’ve learned in the last two years is that I can’t live on four hours of sleep a night, and that I can usually fill all my writing-time with paying work. That means I don’t avail myself of the opportunities this space affords me. Like writing The Last Express fan-sequels.

So let’s just see what happens here and roll with it. But say one thing for this blog, say that the “Work” page features an updated set of links in the “Work” page. You can use that page to go read almost all of my work.

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